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  • Minimum coverage requirements to get your Schengen visa

  • Coverage for persons up to 70 years old

  • Coverage valid in all Schengen space except your country of usual residence

  • All extra-Schengen nationalities covered

  • Premium up to 12 months, renewable

Good to know

A travel insurance paying for your medical expenses up to € 30 000 minimum + repatriation costs is compulsory for obtaining a Schengen visa.


  • Medical expenses

    Illness - Accident
    Medical expenses worldwide except Europe
    (prescription, M.D., hospital)

    300 000 €

    100 000 € Seniors (61-70 y-o)

    Medical expenses in Europe
    (prescription, M.D., hospital)
    100 000 €
    Emergency dental coverage 150 €
    Dental orthodontics necessitated by an accident 500 € per tooth only in case of accident
    Optical lenses necessitated by an accident 400 € only in case of accident
    Assault (must be reported within 24 hours to the police) Included in Medical expenses
  • Travel expenses

    Medical evacuation to home country Unlimited

    Transportation of 1 family member
    (travel costs and accomodation if insured hospitalized + 5 days)

    1 round trip ticket up to 2000 €
    Emergency return transportation in case of a death or life-threatening illness of a parent
    (father / mother / brother / sister)
    Necessary and reasonable expenses
    Repatriation of remains Unlimited
  • Accidental death

    Accidental death compensation 15 000 €
  • Accidental disability

    Permanent and total disability (based on the % of disability)

    Up to 75 000 € (15 000 € Seniors)

    Permanent and partial disability (based on the % of disability)Up to 75 000 € (15 000 € Seniors)
    Disfigurement compensation (included in disability)Up to 15 000 €
  • Third party liability coverage

    Personal injury
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    750 000 €
    Damage to property
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    450 000 €
    Accidental damage to property 1 500 €
  • Luggage insurance

    2 000 €
    Including "theft prone" property 300 € Maximum (maximum 300 € per item)

    Valuable objects, jewelry, electronic equipement, photo, camera, tape recorders, MP3 players, musical instrument, games and sport equipement, boats are insured all together up to 300 €.

    Maximum compensation for each item or piece of clothing is 300 €. Items purchased abroad, souvenirs, gifts etc. are insured all together up to 300 €.

  • Other assistance coverage

    Urgent message transmissionAt your disposal
    Bail7 500 €
    Cash advance (in case of theft of your means of payment)1 000 €
    Expenses for searches and rescue2 000 €

to every problem its solution

  • Schengen Insurance discussion

    "Following a bad bronchitis, I had to be hospitalized during a trip in Germany, but I subscribed your Schengen insurance for France, is it a problem ?"Ella

    Absolutely not, our insurance covers your hospital expenses

  • Schengen Insurance discussion

    "When I visited my brother in France, I hurt my ankle, am I covered for the medical expenses incurred?"Stephanie

    Sure, you are reimbursed from the 1st euro

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If you want to apply for a Schengen visa in a French consulate, check the application form on the French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères website,all useful information are listed on its website:

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