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Travel partners

  • slimmersion
    SL Immersion

    Searching for a unique environment especially created to improve your French language in an authentic French setting?
    SL Immersion offers you the opportunity to live the French life enjoying the food, discovering secret places and learning French at the same time.

    More details in: Slimmersion-france.com/

  • calvinthomas(1)

    For nearly 30 years, Calvin-Thomas helps sutdents who wish to go and study in en English speaking country.
    A reknown specialist pour organizing cultural, educational and linguistic stays, Calvin-Thomas offers a complete program of stays, adapted to the student's needs and wishes


  • Lemania Summer Camp

    Well-known summer school created in 1908, Lemania offers quality summer language courses supervised by experienced teachers. Located in the heart of Lausanne, just a stone's throw from Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, Lemania is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday in full immersion with activities into French or English in order to better assimilate the language.
    More details in www.lemaniasummercamp.com

  • Mômji Childcare
    Mômji Childcare

    De you have experience in childcare? Are living in France but don't speaking French but another foreign language?

    Discover our partner Mômji Childcare who have a variety of job opportunities available throughout the year. The best part? No French needed!

    Share your knowledge and language through this unique experience.

    Start you journey by taking 2 minutes to apply on www.momji.fr

  • Travelcar

    Get 7% off on parking rate with the discount code AVI2017.

    TravelCar also has very low rates on rental cars, up to 70% less than traditional rental car companies.


  • Salon des blogueurs voyage
    The Travel Blog Fair

    The travel blogs fair is an event that brings together all the best travel bloggers and French tourism professionals in an idyllic place. In 2015, the fair took place in Ajaccio, in Corsica.

  • VogAvecMoi

    Vogavecmoi is a website which allows boat owners and people willing to sail to enjoy their passion together.

  • Le guide du Routard
    Le guide du Routard

    The Guide du Routard offers travel guides on more than 220 destinations. Consult the catalog of destinations by the Guide du Routard.

  • Routard.com

    First French website dedicated to travel, routard.com is the Internet portal of the famous guide book “Guide du Routard".
    Complementing the "Guide du Routard", true to its spirit, editorially independent, routard.com offers a wide range of topics and services to help people travel and prepare their vacation, adventure or round-the-world trips.

  • ABM

    ABM offers its globetrotting traveler's member's practical information to prepare their trip.
    Passionate about travel and adventure, our goal is to encourage the individual travel near or far, with a simple and natural style, respecting the countries visited.

  • Carnets d’aventures
    Carnets d’aventures

    A quarterly "paper" magazine whose theme is the itinerant sports trip with non-motorized equipment (on foot, bike, kayak, canoe, skis, roped, paragliding, horse, etc.) in nature and with bivouac.

  • Culture-Aventure

    Culture Adventure is a cultural association. Its purpose is to promote a better understanding of mankind in its diversity, highlighting a different way to travel.
    Culture Adventure regularly organizes screenings and meetings that allow the general public to discover long-term travelers' films, followed by a discussion with the authors.

Blog partners

  • La Boucle Voyageuse
    La Boucle Voyageuse

    A young blogger recounts her travels and adventures.

  • My Bike is Your Bike
    My Bike is Your Bike

    Valentin, 22 years old, is doing is world tour by tricycle. On his blog he recounts his travel and gives his advices concerning preparation, health, budget and more.

  • Nowmadz

    Julien and Lydia have travelled the world together since years. Asia, Australia, America, they went through these continent and they share their joys and their concerns with you.

  • BPNY

    The Bon Plan Voyage New York blog offers all you need to know to prepare a trip to New York: accommodation, budget, airline tickets, tours, concerts, tips and all kinds of events.

  • tourdumondiste

    François and Sylvain have created and improve constantly this site to help travelers organize their own round-the-world tour, a fantastic way to share their experience and wanderings as traveler's wanderings.

  • le-monde-selon-jeremy
    Le monde selon Jeremy

    Geek and passionate about travel, Jeremy shares his passions and discoveries.

  • australie-guidebackpackers
    Australie Le guide des backpackers

    The latest guide to travel and work in Australia on a WHV / PVT.
    All the tips and advice for backpackers! A guide written by travelers for travelers.