Apply to AVI International 8th ethnic travel grant

AVI solidarity travel grant - a project for you ?


Read all information on AVI International ethnic travel grant and appply to our next edition on line.

Created in 2011 for AVI International 30th anniversary, this travel grant is awarded every year to three international ethnic travel projects. AVI International offers € 1,000 to each winner and free Marco Polo round-the-world travel insurance to its participants. AVI ethnic travel grant is organized by AVI International and the French association Culture Adventure. The winning projects are highlighted all year round on AVI website, blog and social networks. The ethnic projects' films are shown in May in Paris during the AVI ethnic travel evening.

To apply, your project must involve some "ethnic travel" or "international solidarity" aspects: a real exchange between participants and the local population. This exchange may be material, cultural, scientific, spiritual, educational, social, etc. The person applying must be a current resident of France, Switzerland or Belgium.

A brief presentation of AVI Travel Grant is available:



For more details, please read our AVI ethnic travel grant rules 2018.

In your application file, you need to present your project, its stage of development, and your contacts on site, highlight the ethnic and solidary dimension of your project, tell about yourself and explain the long-term added value of your project.
If you have read this article and you think that your travel project meets the specified criteria, you can apply to our grant. Just send us your application form, a presentation at the dedicated email address.


The 2018 deadline to send us your project is May the 1rst 2018 at midnight and the jury will meet on May the 14th 2018 to elect the three winning projects.

AVI ethnic travel evening 2018 will be held in Paris on May the 24th, at the Luminor Cinéma Hôtel de Ville, 20 rue du Temple, Paris 4.

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