Working holiday insurance for your stay abroad

Ready to make your dream of working abroad while exploring new horizons come true ? Look no further, you've come to the right place ! From the vibrant energy of Canada to the stunning beauty of Australia and the pristine nature of New Zealand, these popular destinations for the Working Holiday Program (WHP) offer exciting opportunities and unforgettable experiences. But adventurous souls, don't forget to equip yourself with travel insurance, your best ally to handle any unforeseen events along the way. Whether you aspire to master the art of coffee in Melbourne or become a skilled trapper in the majestic Canadian mountains, a reliable travel insurance will be your superpower to face the challenges of the Working Holiday. In France, you can embark on your Working holiday adventure to a multitude of captivating destinations, including Uruguay, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.