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Financing your holiday by working: this is the principle of the Working Holiday Visa. An original way to travel that deserves specific travel insurance.

  • AVI International's mobile application allows AVI insured to immediately access all assistance services abroad when needed.

  • Complete coverage including your professional activities

  • Coverage for the country that granted your Working Holiday visa (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Argentina, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia)

  • Stays up to 2 weeks in the neighbouring countries

  • Coverage of manual work (wwoofing, fruit-picking, etc.) with the Sport and leisure Plus options

  • Leisure and holiday sports are covered without extension, provided that they are performed as "amateur"

  • Sports and Leisure extension covers all high-risk sport (see Annex 1 of the General Conditions of Insurance)

  • Maximum age 35 years old

  • 3 months minimum and up to 12 months, renewable options available


  • Medical expenses

    Illness - Accident

    Medical expenses (prescriptions, M.D., hospital)

    (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, South Korea and Hong Kong, Japan, Russia)

    300 000 €

    Emergency dental coverage 150 €
    Dental orthodontics necessitated by accident 500 € per tooth only in case of accident
    Optical lenses necessitated by accident 400 € only in case of accident
    Assault (must be reported within 24 hours to the police) Included in Medical expenses

    A 30 € deductible will be applied on each medical or dental claim

  • Travel expenses

    Medical evacuation to home country Unlimited

    Transportation of 1 family member
    (travel costs and accomodation if insured hospitalized + 5 days)

    1 round trip ticket up to 2000 €
    Emergency return transportation in case of a death or life-threatening illness of a parent
    (father / mother / brother / sister)
    Necessary and reasonable expenses
    Repatriation of remains Unlimited
  • Accidental Death

    Accidental death compensation 15 000 €
  • Disability

    Permanent and total disability (based on the % of disability)

    Up to 75 000 €

    Permanent and partial disability (based on the % of disability)Up to 75 000 €
    Disfigurement compensation (included in disability)Up to 15 000 €
  • Third party liability coverage

    Personal injury
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    750 000 €
    Damage to property
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    450 000 €
    Accidental damage to property 1 500 €
  • Luggage insurance

    Luggage 2 000 €
  • Other assistance coverage

    Urgent message transmissionAt your disposal
    Bail7 500 €
    Cash advance (in case of theft of your means of payment)1 000 €
    Expenses for searches and rescue2 000 €

to every problem its solution

  • Working Holiday discussion

    "My father was victim of a serious accident. I want to be with him."Whitney

    We’ll organize your return with the emergency center

  • Working Holiday discussion

    "I’m changing job during my WHV. I will do fruit-picking for a month. What should I do to be covered in case of work accident? "JD

    Subscribe the Sports and Leisure Plus option

  • Working Holiday discussion

    "My Working Holiday visa in Australia expires. I’d like to stop by Bali before returning to France. Am I covered in Indonesia with my WHV insurance? "Nathalie

    We’ll cover you in the neighbouring countries for 2 weeks.

avi international accompanies me

Practical information


A travel insurance is mandatory for obtaining the visa in most Working Holiday countries (Argentina, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong). An insurance certificate may be asked by customs on arrival. Make sure you bring the Working Holiday insurance certificate issued by AVI International.

If you go and work abroad temporarily, the Social Security does not cover you for medical expenses abroad in some countries and otherwise reimburses according to the French social security the scale while medical costs in Asia, Latin America and Canada are very high. Read our article on the subject

* You will practice a manual activity? You need to subscribe to a specific extension:
The manual activity extension Sports and leisure Plus will extend your coverage to consequences of an accident you have suffered, due to the use of a two-wheeled motor vehicle, high risks sports (surfing, windsurfing, rafting, climbing, scuba diving down to 45 meters, kitesurfing, hang-gliding, paragliding, jet skiing, snowboarding, quad), manual labor, work experience and laboratory internship (labor accident).

The sports covered by your travel insurance without additional coverage: Leisure and holiday sports are covered provided they are performed as "amateur"

The following sports are also covered:

- Winter sports practice including skiing and sledding.

- Sea cruises,

- Any aircraft as a passenger,

- Practice of ice hockey in states or regions where this sport is practiced by youth within the age of the insured.

Sports and leisure extension: It extends your coverage to the consequences of an accident you were victim to while practicing one of the sports listed in annex 1 of the General Conditions of Insurance.

In the case of accident while practicing a sport in a club, the Insurer will act as secondary insurer after all the insurance coverage of your sport club available.


Want to learn more? Check out our articles and the various destinations and conditions of Working Holiday:


Getting a Working Holiday visa for Australia is quiet easy. There is no quota on the number of visas granted to French nationals. If you enter the criteria, you should get the precious visa.

To get started, visit the official website of the Australian Immigration Service:


People are lined up to get a Canadian WHV! The limited amount of visa disappears in few hours, information is rare ... But nothing ventured, nothing gained!
See all the latest updates and apply on the official website:
Read our dedicated article:

New Zealand:

You want to travel far? New Zealand welcomes young people wishing to travel and work with a Working Holiday visa. Enjoy!
To start, go on:


The Working Holiday visa can be a very good way to discover Argentina. The visa is relatively easy to get since quotas are reached only at the end of the year.
In this blog, discover the story of a French having tried it:

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