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my marco polo insurance - LONG term travel

  • Round-the-world insurance for your trips from 2 to 24 months, from € 37 / month. No age limit.

  • An optimal travel insurance and repatriation assistance coverage with the Marco Polo :

    -direct payment of medical expenses in case of accident or illness (hospitalization, physician visits, additional treatments and emergency dental care),

    -medical repatriation and early return assistance in emergency,

    -baggage insurance (in case of theft or loss of your checked-in luggage)

    -personal liability insurance abroad.

  • NEW! Covid coverage included (hospitalization, additional treatments, medical repatriation and early return assistance in emergency, extension of stay)

  • Travel insurance certificate mentioning Covid-19 coverage immediately sent by email and available in your Insured Account in 3 languages.

  • NEW! Sports activities covered with your round-the-world: recreational and holiday sports, when practiced as "amateur". (kayak, biking, scooter or moto until 125cm3)

    As well as High Risk Sports " available for adventure sports (Trekking, surf, jet ski, rafting, scuba diving…)

  • AVI International App for access to your round-the-world insurance documents and emergency assistance contacts worldwide upon your subscription.

    35€ deductible per claim





Good to know

The main limits of coverage on travel insurances are :

any illness and/or injury that has been diagnosed and/or treated by continuous hospitalization, day hospitalization or outpatient hospitalization during the 6 months prior to his/her departure, services linked to pregnancy and maternity, health assessments, routine tests and check-ups are excluded from coverage

Medical expenses incurred despite of local government restrictions at destination.

The practice of sports on a non amateur capacity.

Note: coverage is not applicable in countries in a state of civil or foreign war, or as result of natural catastrophes.

my marco polo travel insurance coverage

  • Medical expenses

    Illness (Covid included) - Accident
    Medical expenses worldwide except Europe
    (prescriptions, M.D., hospital)

    300 000 €

    100 000 € Seniors | 61-70

    Medical expenses in Europe
    (prescriptions, M.D., hospital)
    100 000 €
    Emergency dental coverage 150 €
    Dental orthodontics necessitated by an accident 500 € per tooth only in case of accident
    Optical lenses necessitated by an accident 400 € only in case of accident
    Assault (must be reported within 24 hours to the police) Included in Medical expenses

  • Travel expenses

    Medical evacuation to home country Unlimited

    Transportation of 1 family member
    (travel costs and accomodation if insured hospitalized + 5 days)

    1 round trip ticket up to 2000 €
    Emergency return transportation in case of a death or life-threatening illness of a parent
    (grandparents / parents / siblings)
    Necessary and reasonable expenses
    Repatriation of remains Unlimited
  • Accidental Death

    Accidental death compensation 15 000 €
  • Disability

    Permanent and total disability (based on the % of disability)

    Up to 75 000 €
    (15 000 € Seniors)

    Permanent and partial disability (based on the % of disability)Up to 75 000 €
    (15 000 € Seniors)
    Disfigurement compensationUp to 15 000 €
  • Third party liability coverage

    Personal injury
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    750 000 €
    Damage to property
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    450 000 €
    Damage to borrowed items 1 500 €
  • Luggage insurance

    2 000 €
    Including "theft prone" property 300 € Maximum (maximum 300 € per item)

    Valuable objects, jewelry, electronic equipment, photo, camera, tape recorders, MP3 players, musical instrument, games and sport equipment, boats are insured all together up to 300 €.

    Maximum compensation for each item or piece of clothing is 300 €. Items purchased abroad, souvenirs, gifts etc. are insured all together up to 300 €.

  • Other assistance coverage

    Urgent message transmissionAt your disposal
    Bail7 500 €
    Cash advance (in case of theft of your means of payment)1 000 €
    Expenses for searches and rescue2 000 €


  • Certificate of assistance

    "I'm going to Asia for four months and need a certificate of assistance insurance with mention of the Covid-19 coverage. How can I obtain it?"Matt

    You receive the Covid certificate by e-mail at subscription.

  • Marco Polo Senior

    "I'm traveling four months in Thailand, but I am 70 years-old. Can you provide coverage for my trip?"Rosa

    Of course, Marco Polo Senior insurance offers this coverage

  • Repatriation assistance

    "I travel with a friend you are going to repatriate. Can I be repatriated too?"Ben

    You may be repatriated together if you susribed together.




How to get your visa: you may need a visa to travel in some countries. If you do not have the time to visit the closest consular office and follow the usual apprication process and run for your invitation letter, you might just as well resort to a visa company such as An insurance certificate may be requiered to enter some countries (Russia, China, Ecuador), check with the pertaining consular authorities before your trip.

You will receive AVI insurance certificate (covid-19 included) by email with your travel insurance documents and may even choose its language for visa applications.

Staying in touch while traveling

► Thanks to the AVI International mobile application, you can travel with complete peace of mind and take all your travel insurance documents and repatriation assistance certificates with you. You also can access the assistance numbers at any time in an emergency abroad.


The sports covered by your travel insurance without additional coverage: Leisure and holiday sports are covered provided they are performed as "amateur"

The following sports are also covered:
- Winter sports practice including skiing and sledding.
- Sea cruises,
- Any aircraft as a passenger,
- Practice of ice hockey in states or regions where this sport is practiced by youth within the age of the insured.

Sports and leisure extension: It extends your coverage to the consequences of an accident you were victim to while practicing one of the sports listed in annex 1 of the General Conditions of Insurance.

In the case of accident while practicing a sport in a club, the Insurer will act as secondary insurer after all the insurance coverage of your sport club available.


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