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International Medical Insurance from AVI; Ease the Pain with the Right Policy for You by AVI Travel Insurance.

It is a situation that we all hope to never find ourselves in at home, let alone in foreign country, finding yourself hospitalised or in need of treatment abroad can be a terrifying experience filled with language barriers, different ways of working and of course the dreaded bills after having been treated by the local health services. However, at least the latter can be avoided with the right international medical insurance policy to catch you if you fall (not literally I am afraid).
Despite excellent relations between the majority of nations welcoming each others´ citizens to their shores, there is little in the way of an international equivalent to the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) system provided for EU citizens whilst travelling on the continent, meaning that travellers are often left facing unaffordable and unrealistic medical bills with no other available options should they leave home without the right travel health insurance. For this reason, it is vital to take out a policy before you go. Whilst it may be hard to distract yourself from counting your outfits for the week and debating with yourself whether it would be a good idea to leave the factor 30 at home and go for 20, with easy to understand policies available and competitive prices, it really will take no time at all!

Where Can I Be Covered and What For?

Medical insurance for travel policies can be difficult to get your head around, especially with the new, tailored packages offered by a variety of companies. However, a bit of hunting can be well worth it, often allowing you to get the same benefits for a significantly lower price! But be sure to find the policy that suits your trip! With AVI policies you can covered almost anywhere in the world, giving you the piece of mind that you need wherever your adventure may take you, from the shores of the Caribbean beaches, to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
However, if you are not planning on soaking in the sun on the calm, quiet beaches or being a cultural tourist and are planning on spending your break doing something more interesting, then you will need a policy that suits your trip, for example; many people are taking up the opportunity to take in some of the world´s most amazing views in the underwater paradises around the Caribbean and Australian seas. For this trip, you will need more than just international medical insurance in the traditional sense in order to be fully covered for any eventuality. AVI offer a tailored diving travel health insurance policy, perfect for those budding or experienced divers among us. So maybe it is time you took a weight off your shoulders and booked your medical insurance for travel!

The AVI Travel Insurance Team