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At last! You have finally dived in and booked your American escape and your week long campaign of sun and if you´re lucky, sea and sand too. However, before you start operation bathing suit and dust off your case, don´t forget to get your travel insurance for America booked and out of the way! Every year, thousands of tourists to the states are caught short by their lack of cover after not realising the lack of a national health service in the USA, with medical bills reaching thousands and thousands of dollars, which obviously most of us normal people do not exactly carry around with us on our holidays.
So before you head off down Route 66 or hop over to the Big Apple, compare travel insurance for America prices and policies to find the one that suits you. Thankfully, there are thousands of different policies all tailored to your holiday needs, whether it be relaxing on a Florida beach with a Piña Colada whilst covered in sun lotion or city hopping for up to 8 weeks around the states, there is a policy perfect for you, so get comparing and save yourself some money whilst getting some well deserved peace of mind!

What to Do Whilst Living the American Dream?

So, you are packed, covered and ready to hit the USA, but what to do when you arrive? Here are our top 4 must see attractions in America; Enjoy!
1) Drive The Desert

It has to be done. You are in the USA! Now hire a car and take the amazing trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through the deserted Mojave Desert, it is just you and the road on this breathtaking trip. And for the cultural among us, you can even stop off in a real live (or dead) ghost town, Bodie, abandoned since the 1940s!

2) Take A Tour Of Ellis Island

Easily accessed by Ferry, Ellis Island once played host to the largest immigration boom in human history, with millions of people flocking to the New York harbour to start a new life in the states. Why not take a tour of this museum, even reading the list upon list long records of immigrants, did one of your family members make the trip to the US?

3) Don Your Swimsuit And Hit Venice Beach

A must see in California, the coolest beach in the US. Filled with bodybuilders and skaters and the tanned elite of California, why not join them and take in the rays with one the boutique bars renowned cocktails whilst lavishing on one of the sun loungers available. Heaven!

4) Take In The View In Times Square

Yes, it may be very touristy, but it has to be done! Bask in the very image of the Big Apple and one of the most famous squares in the world, the classic WW2 photo is more than possible if you happen to have a sailor suit to hand...

So what are you waiting for? Get your travel insurance for America and take your adventure to the next level!

The AVI Travel Insurance Team

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