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7% discount on your holiday travel insurance in September


It is still summer at AVI International. And enjoy a special discount on your holiday travel insurance in September with the code AVISMILE!

Summer is not over with AVI International holiday travel insurance!

Who said that summer was over in September?

At AVI International, the sun is still shining and summer is just beginning!
You may enjoy extra holidays with our special discount on your travel insurance:

– 7% discount with the code AVISMILE

valid until September the 30th 2017. So why not enjoy holidays again?

Holidays in September

September is the perfect moment to travel: prices are lower and beaches are nos so crowded, and cities friendlier.

For a short break or holidays abroad, you may choose AVI Routard insurance.
If you are going on a round-the-world trip (more than 3 months), our long stay travel insurance is the right travel insurance for you.

Some countries to visit on september

Don't believe that the weather is cloudier because it is September. Many countries enjoy a very sunny fall, you may even enjoy an "indian summer"!

And why not check out the following list.

Africa and the Middle-East : Morocco, Egypt, Senegal

South America: Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica

Europe : Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italia

Asia : Thailand, Israel, Oman, India, Vietnam

And many more !

So enjoy a great and safe holiday with AVI travel insurance!


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