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Australian Working Holiday Visa; Take A Trip Down Under and Get Paid!

Australia, the home of sun, sea, sand and most importantly, Skippy! This country and continent is quickly becoming one of the most sought after locations in the world, with thousands of expats heading to the countries shores (okay airports) every year to start their new lives in the sun. However, getting into this haven is becoming increasingly difficult due to the country´s strict immigration laws trying to maintain population levels throughout the region. However, thankfully, for those aged between 18 and 30, the doors to Australia and the land of endless barbeques have never been more open with the Australian Working Holiday Visa.
The Australian Working Holiday Visa allows you to spend a period of up to 12 months in the country and gives you the opportunity to work while you are there! Why not earn some money and see the Pacific by taking this unmissable opportunity. Also thanks to strong relations with countries near and far, the Australian Working Holiday visa allows you access to not only Australia, but also countries such as Papa New Guinea and Argentina, two countries famed for their beautiful scenery and eager to welcome you!

What Do I Need To Get An Australian Working Holiday Visa?

Working in Australia for up to a year would be an excellent addition to your CV and more importantly, your life! Once in a lifetime experiences are just around the corner (after a day´s flying of course). We have devised a small guide of what you will need to fulfill the requirements of the Australian authorities. Good Luck!
• 18-30 years old – to get the Australian Working Holiday Visa, you must be aged between 18 and 30; this is due to the fact that the country is looking to attract new potential professionals with the possibility of completing gaps in recruitment in the future.
• No dependants – if you are looking to travel the country for a year working and earning money, you must not have any dependent children who will need to travel with you. For all the unattached people out there, finally the upper hand!
• Apply From Outside Australia – You can only apply for the visa if you are not currently in Australia; this is to prevent abuse of the system by people looking to extend their current stay.
• Health Insurance – Whilst on your adventure in Oz it is vital that you have the right medical cover to protect you should anything happen during your stay. Many countries do not have healthcare agreements with Australia, don´t get left with a huge bill and get covered before you fly!
• Be Financially Prepared – Remember to save enough money up to get you through your trip, or at least settled in! The Australian authorities normally require a minimum of 5000AUD to validate your visa on arrival. So get saving those pennies!
So now you know the requirements, why not get yourself to the golden sands of Australia and spend a year making the memories that will stick with you forever thanks to your Australian Working Holiday Visa?

The AVI Travel Insurance Team