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Costa Rica remains one of the richest countries in terms of fauna and flora. The ideal place to spend a wonderful holiday, with Routard travel insurance. AVI Travel Insurance tells you more about Costa Rica's must-see sites.

Backpacker's Travel Insurance for Costa Rica

In case of health problems in Costa Rica, it is best to seek treatment in private hospitals. However, these establishments are often overpriced and most of them are in the capital, San José.

Before you can receive care, you will need to pay an admission deposit. That's why AVI International Backpacker Travel Insurance will be a great support.

In addition to fully covering your medical expenses on site, Routard Travel Insurance will provide daily assistance that will guide you to the best medical facilities in Costa Rica, no matter where you are in the country.

Before you travel to Costa Rica, consider downloading the AVI Travel Mobile App. You will be able to access your travel insurance documents at any time, contact AVI support or access the medical network on site.

Costa Rica, the happiest country in the world

According to the Happy Planet Index (HPI), which calculates the life expectancy, ecological footprint and well-being of a country's population, Costa Rica would be the happiest country in the world.

Indeed, Costa Rica ranks 1st, well ahead of Mexico and Colombia. An important asset to justify your trip to Costa Rica!

What to do in Costa Rica?

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this small country in Central America has something for young and old. The "rich coast" in French is a small paradise on earth. You will have the opportunity to admire beautiful natural landscapes and breathtaking biodiversity.

With this wealth, Costa Rica has for several years put the development of responsible tourism, also called ecotourism. There, the respect of the nature is primordial and this, to the delight of the travelers concerned with the environment.

Here are some sites to discover during your holidays in Costa Rica and testify to the natural wealth of the country. You can find more information about this in the new Costa Rica's Routard travel guide.

Costa Rica National Parks:

- Manuel Antonio National Park: Many specimens of animals such as wolverines, sloths and howler monkeys can be seen in this park.

- Tortuguero National Park: only accessible by boat or plane, it is the third most visited park in Costa Rica. At the whim of its rivers, you can cross some unusual marine species such as caimans, manatees and even different species of turtles.

- Corcovado National Park: the same name as Rio, this park has the particularity of hosting 4 species of primates that can be found throughout the country: atelias, capuchins, howler monkeys and squirrel monkeys.

The volcanoes of Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a land rich in volcanoes: about 116 volcanoes have been recorded throughout its territory. Of these, only 7 are still active.

Here are a few :

- The Turrialba

- The Irazù: it is the highest peak of Costa Rica (3,450m)

- Poas: it's the most active volcano in Costa Rica

- The Tenorio: this volcano is distinguished by its particular ecosystem. In its surroundings, you can explore hot springs and a waterfall, among other places of interest.

But before discovering the wonders of this country, opt for Routard AVI travel insurance to ensure a smooth stay.

Happy holidays in Costa Rica with AVI travel insurance!

The AVI Travel Insurance Team