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Valentine's Day special trips by AVI Travel Insurance


Valentine's Day, ideal event to go abroad. For a weekend or several days, where to go for Valentine's Day? AVI Travel Insurance has selected 4 romantic destinations to discover this February the 14th.

Where to go on a trip for Valentine's Day by AVI Travel Insurance

  1. Barcelona
  2. Marrakech
  3. Prague
  4. New York

1- Barcelona

Barcelona, we love it a little, a lot, passionately, to madness! This city of a thousand colors attracts travelers from around the world with its authentic culture, Gothic architecture and joie de vivre.

In Barcelona, you will be delighted to walk, hand in hand, in the streets, on the "Ramblas" and on the beaches: beautiful places reflecting traditions and Catalan culture.

Side bars and outputs, the atmosphere and gastronomy remain the main assets of Barcelona, and dancing until the early morning.

So experience an amazing Valentine's day and night in Barcelona.

2- Marrakech

Little corner of paradise, Marrakech will amaze you, according to its warmth, its smells and its colors for an unforgettable stay in love.

In Marrakech, the traveler stays in all seasons under the charm of the animation of its souks like the famous place Jemaa-el-Fna.

Finally, Marrakech is more than ever a romantic city, indeed it offers superb walks between gardens and beautiful palaces, but also offers something for you to relax with its two hammams and riads as beautiful as they are soothing.

Let yourself be transported for Valentine's Day to discover the sweetness of life of Marrakech.

3- Prague

Baroque and romantic European capital, Prague will make your Valentine's Day magical. By the diversity of its culture, Prague attracts lovers from elsewhere. Strolling the steep streets of the old town, you will discover Prague in all its facets is an amazing combination of artistic charm, Baroque architecture and history of the country.

In Prague, magical moments are planned this Valentine's Day in the Viennese cafes and chic restaurants with breathtaking views of the cathedral or the castle, to live the most wonderful Valentine's Day.

4- New York

And why not an American Valentine's Day? In New York, it's possible! This huge city where everything is possible will dazzle you during a romantic stay.

Cosmopolitan diversity, magic and discoveries will be at the rendezvous for an invitation to live a true American dream. The charm of every neighborhood in New York and its own identity will dazzle travelers.

In addition, New York cuisine does not lack good taste, you can enjoy New York's cosmopolitan dishes, as fine as they are good, to enjoy an unforgettable stay in New York.

February 14, destination New York, for a city that will shine your eyes of love for a unique Valentine's Day.

AVI International Travel Insurance on Valentine's Day

AVI International has created the Routard travel insurance for holidays and short stays abroad.

AVI International Routard travel insurance accompanies you around the world and covers your medical expenses up to 300 000 € for you and your beloved, it also provides repatriation assistance in case of health problem on the spot especially.

So declaring your love to your flame at the other end of the world on Valentine's Day with complete peace of mind will be easy with AVI International's Globe-trotter Travel Insurance.

The AVI Travel Insurance Team