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Dreaming of a world tour after your studies?


Breaking away from the conventional pattern, taking the time to explore other cultures, or experiencing transformative adventures motivates this choice. To succeed, meticulous budget planning, choosing appropriate means of transportation, and setting travel goals are essential. On the road, managing your budget, facing the unexpected, and maintaining motivation pose challenges. However, the benefits of such a journey are numerous: developing autonomy, enriching oneself with new cultures, and returning grown. After such a voyage, the world is never seen in the same way.

1. Are you dreaming of going around the world ?

2. Are you motivated for a departure after your studies ?

3. How to concretize your project ?

4. What difficulties to overcome on a world tour ?

5. What are the benefits of such a journey ?

1. Are you dreaming of going around the world ?

A desire that transcends ages

For many years, the idea of traveling the world has been a dream. Whether you are a student, a young professional, or retired, a world tour represents an achievement, an opportunity to discover new landscapes and cultures. This is especially true for recent graduates eager to travel and take time for themselves before diving into the professional world.

A craving for freedom

Embarking on a world tour allows for a timeless break, a chance to distance oneself from the routine. It is the perfect opportunity to go on an adventure, live new experiences, and meet people from all corners of the globe. The world tour symbolizes a breath of freedom, a chance to see the world and reflect on one's desires. Beyond the magnificent landscapes, it's also a way to refocus on the essentials and return transformed.

2. Are you motivated for a departure after your studies ?

Breaking away from the conventional study-work pattern

After several years in school, it is tempting to distance oneself from the conventional pattern of immediately transitioning to employment. Taking a break and traveling provides a breath of fresh air before entering the professional world. It's an opportunity to discover new horizons and gain formative experiences outside the cocoon of academia. A world tour is a way to extend the carefree period of youth before the responsibilities of adulthood.

Taking time to travel and explore the world

Between classes, revisions, and exams, the pace of higher education leaves little room for leisure. Once the diploma is in hand, it is the ideal moment to satisfy the desire to travel and explore what the rest of the planet has to offer. Instead of immediately returning to the daily routine, why not take advantage of the opportunity to fulfill the dream of being a globe-trotter? The world tour is the perfect opportunity to take time to discover new cultures, learn foreign languages, and live the adventure.

Experiencing formative adventures

Traveling alone abroad, far from familiar surroundings, is an extremely formative experience. It teaches one to step out of their comfort zone, be resourceful, communicate with people from different backgrounds, and adapt to various situations. The world tour also allows for maturity and increased confidence. The skills acquired during such a journey are a definite asset for the future professional and personal journey. It's an opportunity to return more seasoned and self-assured.

3. How to concretize your project ?

Set travel goals

Embarking on a world tour after studies may seem like a fantastic idea, but it's essential to set clear goals for this journey. According to the testimonials of many globetrotters, precisely defining what you want to discover and experience during this trip is the first step. This includes determining the optimal duration of the journey, the countries and regions to prioritize, and the type of experience sought (total change, cultural discovery, adventure, etc.). The project thus takes a concrete direction.

Meticulously prepare your budget

Although appealing, the idea of leaving everything to travel the world requires rigorous financial preparation. Indeed, many factors come into play in developing a world tour budget: transportation costs, accommodations, food, activities, contingencies, etc. Some choose to work abroad during their journey to supplement their savings. Others, luckier, receive family support. In any case, a precise estimate of expenses in each visited country is essential before embarking on the adventure.

Choose appropriate means of transportation

The itinerary of the world tour will largely determine the means of transportation to prioritize during the journey: planes for long distances, trains to explore a country, buses for cost-effective travel, etc. Some even opt for hitchhiking or cycling! It is recommended to compare the quality/price ratio of different transportation solutions on each segment of the journey. Choosing a train ticket instead of an internal flight, for example, allows for a better appreciation of the landscapes traversed. Traveling light with only a backpack also facilitates mobility.

4. What difficulties to overcome on a world tour ?

Managing your budget over time

Crossing several months of travel without a stable salary requires adopting new budget habits. This includes anticipating daily expenses, prioritizing activities, and learning to negotiate prices to make the most of your money. The key lies in rigorous organization, allowing you to know exactly where every spent euro goes.

Facing the unexpected

The journey around the world comes with its share of unforeseen events that must be managed with composure and pragmatism. Whether it's a breakdown, theft, border closure, or unpredictable weather, many contingencies can occur. Keeping calm and analyzing the situation calmly helps find solutions. It is also good to plan for a margin in your budget and itinerary.

Maintaining motivation

A very long journey challenges adaptability and can lead to moments of doubt or fatigue. To preserve motivation, it is advisable to vary activities, take breaks, and stay in touch with loved ones. Setting intermediate goals and celebrating milestones also helps maintain the enthusiasm of the early days. Finally, traveling with others provides valuable mutual support in difficult times.

5. What are the benefits of such a journey ?

Developing autonomy

After studies, taking a year to travel around the world allows for significant autonomy development. Away from the family cocoon and familiar surroundings, the young traveler must learn to fend for themselves, solve daily problems, and make decisions on their own. This experience is highly formative and builds self-confidence. Managing a tight budget over time, finding accommodation, food, and getting around in foreign countries is a life lesson. The young traveler returns with an increased sense of responsibility.

Discovering new cultures

A world tour allows for the discovery of extremely diverse cultures and often very different lifestyles. The traveler opens their mind to other worldviews, other value systems. They realize that there is not just one way to live but a multitude of alternative cultures, with their richness and limitations. This awareness broadens perspectives and makes one reconsider their own certainties. The traveler comes out more tolerant and open-minded.

Returning grown and inspired

Such journeys often mark a turning point in life. The experience is transformative, leaves a lasting impression, and inspires new projects. Many young travelers return transformed, with a desire to give new meaning to their lives. Some change their professional path, others decide to engage in humanitarian or ecological causes. Still, others retain a strong taste for travel and adventure that stays with them for a long time. In any case, a long journey around the world is a source of inspiration and allows for a grown perspective of the world.

An initiatory journey around the world

Embarking on a journey after completing one's studies has become an almost obligatory rite of passage for a certain youth in search of adventure. While such a voyage indeed offers the opportunity to flourish and explore different cultures, let us not forget that happiness can also be found in simple things, just around the corner. The most important thing is to find one's path, whether it be at home or at the farthest reaches of the world. Because all paths lead to oneself.

Ensuring a secure world tour

Subscribing to a travel insurance policy is crucial during a world tour, as anything can happen: lost or stolen luggage, food poisoning, a sprained ankle, and so on. World tour travel insurance covers your medical expenses abroad in case of illness and hospitalization. This will prevent you from incurring additional costs and creating a hole in your tight budget


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