Discover Great Big Scary World

3 reasons to discover Jamie’s travel blog


The Great Big Scary World is a travel blog about Jamie’s adventures around the world. His website is full of travel tips and advice which could be of great interest for people who want to travel around like Jamie.

1. Travel changed his life

In his blog, Jamie shows us how he managed to overcome his own fears about the world. When he was young, he was afraid about anything (he wrote a book dedicated to this problem as a youngster). So when he started to travel, he gained more confidence which allowed him to achieve some of his dreams.

2. He had some ethnic plans around the world

In addition to travelling, Jamie had the opportunity to carry out 3 ethnic projects:

  • Volunteering for charity.
  • Teaching English abroad: he taught in Uganda, South Korea, Turkey, Poland & China.
  • Working in a skiing resort for a season.

3. He gives you all kinds of useful travel advice

If you need some advice before traveling, Jamie is the person you need! You can find any type of advice on his travel blog indeed.

For example on:

  • Couchsurfing
  • Free accommodation
  • Travel for free
  • Travel insurance worldwide

And much more…

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If you also want to travel and make your dreams come true, do not hesitate, go ahead !
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