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Travel Insurance, Compare And Save Yourself Some Holiday Spends!

So it is that time of year already, the winter cold that you convinced yourself that you missed during your last holiday has pushed you to the brink and forced you to your nearest travel agent, cash and brochure in hand. It happens to the best of us, and before you know it you are digging out your case complete with 12 months of dust and last year´s dregs of sun lotion and typing "travel insurance com" (before Google overconfidently finishes your sentence) into any and every search box you find.
Nowadays, with airlines so eager to fly that they will leave you chasing the plane down the runway and the power of Photoshop behind many hotel complexes, it is becoming more and more important to be covered before you fly out to your holiday destination. Yet, whilst we do feel the need to be covered against our luggage deciding on a different holiday destination to ourselves or a trip to the hospital, we don´t want to spend so much that we pray for something to make our policies worthwhile!

What Type Of Insurance Do I Need?

All booked? Suitcase de-dusted? Perfect. Now time for the fun part (kind of), your travel insurance. The best way to save money and avoid that pre holiday breakdown is to travel insurance compare to find the best deal suited to your trip. How long are you escaping for? Where to? What will you be doing? All of these questions could save you those valuable pound, Euros and dollars for your once a year break, just think of the duty free!
If you are braving the pistes of the Alps, or intending on swimming with sharks on the Australian gold coast then you will need to take out a specialist insurance, to avoid any (more) unpleasant surprises in case of an emergency. That being said, the same applies for those taking a relaxing break on the safety of the beach, there is no point paying to go shark diving in Australia if the only shark you will be fighting off is inflatable with conveniently placed handles and located in the Costa del Sol. So make sure you have the right cover for your trip and be sure to travel insurance compare both price and policy, after all, you don´t want to spend your valuable beach side money on something like travel insurance do you?!

The AVI Travel Insurance Team