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Why subscribe to a cancellation insurance?


You are planning your vacation and have some questions about the possible cancellation of your trip. Indeed, we are never safe from an unforeseen event, whether it is before departure: the cancellation of your leave, a summons to an exam, a visa refusal, an illness, an accident, or other reasons. It is therefore important to subscribe to travel cancellation insurance to avoid being financially affected in case of an incident occurring before or during your stay.

1. What is Cancellation & Interruption Insurance? 

2. When to Subscribe to AVI International's Cancellation Insurance?

3. What Reasons Allow Me to Cancel My Trip?


1. What is the Cancellation & Interruption Insurance?

Cancellation & Interruption Insurance covers the cancellation fees retained by the travel organizer or the rental agency in the event of an unforeseeable event beyond the traveler's control, preventing them from leaving or forcing them to return prematurely.

The coverage includes expenses related to transportation, accommodation (hotels, seasonal rentals), and prepaid activities before departure.

2. When to subscribe to AVI International's Cancellation Insurance?

AVI International's cancellation insurance must be subscribed within 48 hours following your travel booking. Moreover, for the insurance to be valid, there must be a 10-day gap between your departure date and the subscription date.

3. What reasons allow me to cancel my trip?

AVI International's Cancellation & Interruption Insurance allows you to cancel or interrupt your stay for the following reasons (non-exhaustive list):

  • • Illness, accident, hospitalization, or death
  • • Pregnancy complications
  • • Contraindications and consequences of vaccination
  • • Economic layoff
  • • Summons to a court
  • • Summons to a university resit exam
  • • School repetition or failure
  • • Urgent medical summons
  • • Destruction of professional and/or private premises
  • • Theft in professional and/or private premises
  • • Granting of a job or internship
  • • Professional transfer, modification, or refusal of paid leave dates by the employer
  • • Refusal of a tourist or student visa
  • • Theft of ID card or passport
  • • Severe damage to your vehicle
  • • Cancellation of the accompanying person who is also insured

Note: If the cancellation of your trip is caused by the travel organizer or the carrier, such as the cancellation of plane tickets, the fees will not be covered by the cancellation insurance. In these cases, the organizer and the airline are responsible for the cancellation and therefore owe you a refund!

Prepare your trip with peace of mind with AVI International's cancellation/interruption insurance, a solution that will allow you to travel with peace of mind before and during your journey.

credit Photos : Andrea Piacquadio - Pexels & Ekky Wicaksono - Pexels