Eco tourism holiday and countryside destinations


Eco Tourism Holiday

This year why not have a change from the usual beach campaign and learn how to get the most out of your holiday whilst helping to conserve natural habitats, discover exotic wildlife and much more whilst uncovering some of the best, untouched areas of this rapidly shrinking planet? Whatever your interests and skills, you can help make a difference by taking an eco tourism holiday, an environmentally friendly break and maybe even helping the planet out along the way.

Get more out from your travels with an eco tourism holiday

Eco tourism holidays do not mean spending your break building houses in Africa or cleaning the streets of London, you can still enjoy a pleasant, relaxing trip in your chosen destination but simply taking a few steps to make sure that you are having a positive effect on your location. Just because you are going on holiday does not mean that your traveling has to have a negative impact on the environment, in fact, your trip has the potential to be quite the opposite. Here at AVI International we have put together some information to tell you everything you need to know about Eco Tourism and a few tips on how to make your eco tourism holiday have a positive effect on the world.
What is ecotourism?
"Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." (TIES, 1990)
In other words, acting responsibly in areas that have preserved their natural environment, for example, yes you can take an amazing trip to Costa Rica, but instead of using the local hypermarket, boost the local economy by purchasing your goods fresh from local traders and ensure that your being there doesn´t negatively affect the environment and wildlife.

Will my eco tourism holiday have an impact?
Every little helps – whether it is something small, such as buying local products from a less-developed country or something big, for example, donating your holiday delivering relief efforts after a Hurricane in Haiti – it is surprising how such a little effort on your behalf can have such a big impact on other peoples' lives, something that seem very minute to us could actually have substantial effects on the life of people from poorly developed communities, for example, to many people £30 is just a meal in a restaurant but in poor countries that £30 could be used to provide someone with 400 meals.
There are thousands of examples of eco tourism holidays available for every budget and level of commitment. Some of the most popular are:
• Conservation projects
• Visiting natural habitats
• Personal contribution to a less developed area
Your eco tourism holiday will not only help the environment and the people around you, it will also be a rewarding and thrilling experience which will have a great impact on your personal wellbeing.

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