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So this year you have decided to broaden your horizons, step off the beaten track and visit a new, different country for your yearly getaway, Canada. A former colony of the British Empire and current member of the Commonwealth, Canada boasts some of the world´s most overwhelming cultural and picturesque sights mixed in with a bustling world hub filled with things to see and do. So you have booked and are all ready to jet off to the true north, however, before you don your Mounty gear and head off, you will need to make sure that you have the right Canada travel insurance under your belt.
With the right Canada travel insurance policy, you can rest assured that you are covered in any eventuality so you can take in your new adventure without having to constantly worry about any hidden costs lurking around the next corner. So whether you are taking in the sights in Vieux Quebec or marvelling at the magnificent Niagara Falls, take the worry from the back of your mind with the right policy for you.

Canadian Attractions Not To Be Missed

Being passed around from world power to world power, Canada has taken the best from every culture it has encountered, boasting influences from the British and French Empires as well as modern influences from the US neighbours just across the border. Taking this into account, we have compiled a list of our top 4 Canadian attractions that are a must see when visiting the country, enjoy!
1) Take AStep Back In Time in Vieux Quebec

Bask in the remnants of the French Empire. The stunning architecture, the small boutique cafes and restaurants and the remarkable backdrop immediately hit you as you enter the old town of Quebec, you would be forgiven for believing you were in a luxurious French city. Looking up at the château Frontenac, you will truly fall in love with the heart of French Canada.

2) Wonder At Niagara Falls

Whilst in recent years it has became a highly touristic area, there is no denying the capturing power of this wonder of the natural world, a true must see for any visitor. Why not take advantage of one of the many river tours on offer and get up close and personal with this epic waterfall?

3) Visit The Land of The Lost

A step back in time to Victorian England is one thing, but a huge step back to the period of the dinosaurs is something completely different! Take part in one of the famous dinosaur tours in the Canadian badlands and see what you can find from the time when monsters ruled the Earth. What will you find on your Jurassic adventure?

4) Ramble the Rocky Mountains

So, come on, don your outdoor ensemble and take to the great outdoors in one of the most beautiful areas on the face of the planet. Filled with serene rivers and scenery and deep blue water, this place is not to be missed. One option to see the area is to hire a car, giving you the ability to take in the sights in your own time.
So with your Canada travel insurance and our small guide to the sights, it is time to make the most out of your travels and dive into the Canadian lifestyle.

The AVI Travel Insurance Team