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Abi: new service of medical advice abroad from AVI Insurance

AVI launches Abi: the new service of medical advice

Ever had a health problem when traveling in a foreign country ? Ever experienced problems to be understood by a local physicians ? AVI launches Abi: the new service of medical advice abroad.

What is Abi, the new service of medical advice abroad from AVI Travel Insurance?

Abi is a medical advice service abroad that puts you in touch with real physicians 24/7, in your country of origin or the country of your choice: available anywhere in the world from your mobile phone, through applications of messaging such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat, Telegram (when you have an Internet connection), or simply by SMS through your mobile operator.

What does AVI Travel Insurance offer you through Abi, your new advisory service?

All the questions you ask are examined carefully and a real physician responds with medical advice. In no case the medical answers are answered by a robot.

Abi's medical advice abroad allows you to get in touch with the most appropriate physicinan according to your language and pathology and to get advice as quickly as possible abroad.

Abi's medical advice abroad is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does Abi's medical advice service work abroad?

1. Activate your Abi account

By purchasing a Working Holiday AVI International travel insurance, you have access to Abi's medical consulting services abroad. Therefore, you will receive a text message and / or an email to activate your account.

2. Ask your medical question in Abi

Abi can help you with medical advice for any health-related problem that does not require a physical examination.

Once you have registered and activated the service, simply write: "Hi Abi" whenever you want. Abi will invite you to write your question to receive medical advice and ask you to confirm it before sending it to a doctor. You can even include an image with your question through any messenger service, for even more precise medical advice.

Important: Abi does not reveal any of your personal information, not even to doctors. You can ask the most delicate questions with confidence, knowing that your identity will remain a secret.

3. Abi puts you in contact with a doctor to answer you

Depending on your consultation and pathology, Abi will find the most qualified doctor to send you medical advice. The doctor will study your question and ask for additional information, if necessary.

You will receive medical advice from the doctor in 5 minutes and on your mobile phone, and you will have access to the name and specialty of the doctor who answers your question and who will give you this medical advice to make sure that the information is accurate.

4. Abi sends your medical advice back

In a few minutes, Abi sends you the recommendation and personalized medical advice.

Important: the medical advice given through Abi does not replace diagnosis or professional medical treatment. Neither Abi medical advice abroad should be used in case of urgent or serious medical emergency. To preserve your privacy, you do not need to include images that can identify you or others, or provide names, contact information or other identifying information.

Abi the new medical advice service abroad will be available from October 10, 2018 with AVI Working Holiday travel insurance.

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