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What health travel insurance offers the European Health Insurance card

What coverage abroad with the European Health Insurance Card?

If you are traveling within Europe, you may ask for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), for you and each member of your family (parents and children). The procedure shall be carried out via your French social security (Ameli) account at least 15 days before the beginning of your trip. If you are a student, you may contact you student social security center or additional student insurance.

This card allows you to avoid advance payments. But beware, under no circumstances does it exempt you from paying your health care cost and it does not replace your travel health insurance. You are covered abroad according to the French social security scheme. Unfortunately any fee exceeding the Social security tables will remain at your own expenses.

Here are some examples of invoices paid by AVI International. It will give you an idea of the health expenses in Europe and the importance of travel insurance:

• A simple medical consultation in Ireland: € 100.

• Hospitalization in Switzerland due to an insect bite: € 1,490.

• Analysis prescribed by a doctor in Portugal due to gastroenteritis: € 1,200.

That's the reason why the French social security itself recommends on its website to subscribe a travel insurance policy for assistance. In fact, it will be your travel insurance that will take care of the reimbursement of your medical expenses and repatriation in case of serious illness abroad.

Additional benefits of the AVI travel insurance:

- Refund within 15 days of all costs paid (whether you have the EHIC or not)

- Claims > 500 €: AVI will never delay its reimbursements for covered expenses until Social Security payments are received (approx. 6 months) but will manage your claim independently.

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