What to do in Beijing in 4 days


If you plan to go to China, a stop by Beijing should figure on your to-do list. AVI International recommends you its Top 5 things to do and see during your trip.

Old from over 3,000 years of history, Beijing is ranked as the first city to visit in China and you will understand why once you get there. Capital city of China, it abounds of wonderful buildings and is also very famous for its culinary specialties! Take a few days to discover this open-air museum and immerse yourself in the local culture.

1.Explore the Great Wall

It is the symbol of the Chinese identity and has been attracting millions of tourists over the decades. You can visit it anytime of the year, but be careful if you go during the Chinese National Holidays (in February and in October) as you might find yourself invaded by the crowd and will not have the chance to enjoy much of your visit.

2. Visit the Forbidden City

Penetrate into the former refuge of emperors dynasties over the centuries and take some time to observe the beauty of the numerous palaces. We suggest you to rent an audio guide when buying your ticket in order to learn more about the history of this place. Before entering, you will not miss to first stop by Tiananmen Square, which leads directly to the entrance of the fortress.

3. Admire the Heaven temple

Located nearby the Forbidden City, the Heaven Temple is the perfect place to pursue your tour especially after the crowd you might have during your visit. This area will surprise you, as it is a very peace and quiet place, with beautiful gardens to admire. It will be a lot of walk for one day but it is definitely worth it!

4.Taste the Peking duck

Kaoya (meaning roast duck) is one of the top meal to eat in Beijing. It is a worldwide famous dish and you will find a lot of it across the city, whether in takeaway restaurants, or in fancy places for a gourmet meal with the cutting made in front of you around a nice table. Everything depends on the budget you want to spend for it but one thing is certain: if you like meat, you will love it!

5.Stroll in the Hutongs

Hutongs refer to the traditional Chinese neighborhoods:a maze of narrow streets that are now reminiscent of typical ancient Chinese houses. You will find many of them in the city, where you can stop for a coffee or a tea, especially after a long day of sightseeing.

How to get your Visa to China

China is one of the country where you will need a Visa to enter. You can choose to hire an agency to facilitate the process, or you can follow the following steps to apply for a Tourist (L) Visa

  • 1.Before applying, make sure your passport has 6 months of validity (starting from your day of arrival in China). It also needs to have at least two blank pages – one for the visa and one for the customs stamps.
  • 2.Book an appointment to the closest embassy nearby your place
  • 3.Prepare all the required documents:
  • -Form application completed
  • -Flight ticket (as a proof that you will leave the country within 90 days after your arrival)
  • -An invitation letter if a family member or a friend hosts you, or a hotel reservation
  • -Recent photo

Enjoy your stay in Beijing in full safety with AVI Travel Insurances.