Complete USA Study insurance package

Study abroad health insurance for the USA AVI International


Study in a high school in the USA with the appropriate student insurance: advice & tips by AVI educational travel insurance.

For a term or for a full year, studying in a high school is a unique and rewarding experience that many organizations offer. The advantages of a term studying in the USA are countless: the language immersion of course but above all the cultural changes.

What student insurance for the USA?

To enjoy your stay in the US, it will be all-the-more important to subscribe to the appropriate USA student insurance that include complete coverage and ceilings adapted to the American health expenses.

Why the USA?

American high schools know how to motivate students. There, they practice various sports, drama, music, etc. The activities are numerous and students are quickly empowered.

Which organizations:

Calvin Thomas, founded in 1989, offers language stays abroad:

The PIE Association (International Exchange Programs) offers educational and school-based programs for high school students from 15 to 18 years:

AILS offers language courses abroad: