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Protect Your Belongings with Baggage Insurance from AVI International Travel Insurance Abroad.

After looking forward to it for months, packing, planning, researching and finally getting on the plane, you arrive at your chosen holiday destination only to find yourself stood at the baggage carousel, which is emptying surprisingly quickly, slowly realising (after wrongfully claiming similar looking cases a good few times) that your ever so considerate tour operator has "misplaced" your luggage containing everything from Speedos to your return tickets. What can you do now? Whilst the easiest option may to be to hit the nearest beach side shop and try and replace what you can (normally ending up with a family set of floral or "I love insert city here" shirts), who is going to pay?
This is the problem met by thousands of holiday goers and business travellers each year, who, putting their trust in their chosen carrier, lose their trips worth of clothing and belongings and whilst for most of us the contents mainly include the odd swimsuit and any form of liquid over 100ml, what about the cameras, branded trainers, laptops that you had also squeezed in? And more importantly, the principal? For this reason, it is vital to make sure you are covered with the best baggage insurance to avoid turning your escape into one long and hot shopping trip!

What Will I Be Covered For?

When most of us think of baggage insurance, we just picture lost luggage, unhelpful airline customer service calls and an unexpected and unwanted new, rather colourful wardrobe. However, what happens when you arrive at your destination and during your stay? Thankfully, under AVI International´s baggage insurance policy, not only are you covered for both your inbound and outbound journeys, but on arrival at your destination your belongings continue to be covered under your policy, even when they arrive with you safe and sound! This gives you the added security of being able to go out and enjoy your holiday, not having to be surrounded by bum bags filled with each and every remotely valuable belonging that you did not want to leave in the hotel room "just in case".
Furthermore, with a variety of policies available, it is becoming easier and easier to find the right policy for any trip you may be taking, whether you are staying for a 2 week holiday or spending the year as an student or intern in a foreign country, whether you have just your sun lotion and armbands in your luggage or the latest IPad, you can protect your belongings and get piece of mind at the same time with the right baggage insurance, with many policies even covering for loss of belongings in the case of assault during your trip, which of course whilst hopefully you never find use of, is an excellent cover to have under your belt!

The AVI Travel Insurance Team

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