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Working Holiday Canada travel insurance by AVI International

15/01/2016PVT insurance by AVI International

Work your way to your Working Holiday in Canada and choose your working holiday insurance for Canada. This visa allows you to work and finance your stay.

Since February 2015, it is possible to apply for a working holiday visa for Canada. This visa allows you to work and finance your stay. It is not the first step towards a permanent settlement in Canada but simply a way to experience another culture and another country. When your visa expires, you will have to go back to your home country.

What documents are required? Do I have to subscribe to a working holiday travel insurance?

To apply for a Working Holiday work permit, you must meet a number of conditions. French nationals for instance must:

- Be over 18 and under 36 years.

- Have about 3,500 € to pay for their expenses in Canada

- Prove that they have subscribed to a health travel insurance to cover their health care costs in Canada. AVI International Working Holiday travel insurance is approved by the Canadian Consulate. Your insurance certificate will be provided upon subscription for your visa application

- Not be accompanied by children under their responsibility