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Travel Insurance for Europe; Don´t Be Caught Out On the Continent. AVI Travel Insurance Advice.

Finally! After hours (maybe days) of "discussion" you have your next holiday destination is finally decided. Your European adventure is all set up, whether you will be spending the summer eating croissants on the Champs Elysées whilst trying to perfect the picture of you holding the Louvre triangle or applying layer upon layer of sun lotion on the sandy beaches of Crete whilst guarding your towel laden sun loungers from the German family opposite, this is your time. But wait, before you whip on the beret and brush up on your "síl vous plait" and "por favor" don´t forget Europe travel insurance for your continental adventure!
Whether it be peer pressure from the more tanned Greek beach goers ending in sunstroke or your ever so helpful tour operator flying your luggage to next year´s holiday destination instead, leaving you stood in Charles de Gaulle with nothing but an in flight magazine and a passport to your name, don´t get caught short whilst on your once a year escape from reality.

What Type Of European Insurance Do I Need?

Finding European health insurance can be the duller part of your trip admittedly, but with great offers available, you can save those valuable duty free Euros instead of handing them over to overcharging companies, allowing that new fragrance purchase (under 100ml of course!) to go unnoticed from the family pot. If you are travelling as a family, it is easier and cheaper to purchase a family policy, AVI offer an excellent family policy for 4 members, saving you the effort of insuring every individual member on different sights, turning even the most level headed person into a raging lunatic.
If you are travelling alone, then the single policy travel insurance for Europe is an excellent way to make sure you are covered for every eventuality, allowing you to be away for up to 8 weeks and covering you for most emergency situations (providing you don´t decide to jump out of any planes or take part in any other dangerous activities by choice)! This, and the fact that cover applies all over Europe takes the stress out of finding European insurance before you leave, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the run up to your getaway safe in the knowledge that you are covered, well of course after you have braved the battlefield that is packing.

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