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Needing assistance or medical evacuation? When should you call for assistance?

The repatriation insurance is included in all AVI International insurance policies. This insurance allows you to be repatriated to your country of residence. The final decision is made by AVI International and its partners. Never buy your ticket yourself without contacting us, we wouldn't refund you this purchase. Repatriation is not a trivial decision, we must be consulted and give our approval. Our assistance coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They speak several languages and are always there to assist you. If you purchased travel insurance for the USA or Canada, a toll-free number is available. For other countries, you may call collect.

You are a victim of an illness or a serious accident

When you purchase one of our insurance policies, repatriation travel insurance is automatically included.
You will be repatriated if you cannot receive the appropriate treatment in your host country and if you are declared fit to travel.
However, simple illnesses that can be treated on site and poor adaptability to your trip cannot result in repatriation. The means of transport, the necessity and the organization of the repatriation will be decided exclusively on medical and technical grounds by the emergency center physician in order to avoid any conflict of medical authority.
Important: Medical repatriation is only guaranteed for a covered illness or accident. Repatriation travel insurance does not include medical consequences of pre-existing conditions; therefore it cannot cover repatriation due to diabetes or a chronic illness for which you follow a permanent treatment and suddenly worsens.
You can also refuse repatriation. Any additional expenses incurred after this refusal will be covered only up to the price of an airline ticket in economy class back to your country of residence. Expenses beyond that threshold will be your responsibility.
If you live in France, AVI International continues to cover you for 31 days (secondary to Social Security) after your repatriation. This is an exceptional measure because usually, repatriation travel health insurance covers you only while you are abroad traveling.

The person you are traveling with is repatriated

Under some insurance policies, you may as well be repatriated if you want to shorten your trip. This requires you have purchased your travel insurance repatriation together. Do not hesitate to contact us if in case of doubt.

After the beginning of your trip, unfortunately a member of your close family dies or is hospitalized due to an accident

In all cases, you will be asked for your return ticket (if you have one) and the emergency center will try to use it by changing your return date. If this is not possible, the emergency center will then purchase a new ticket for your return.