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J1 Visa student insurance USA by AVI International insurance


What documents to provide with the application? Is a US insurance required? Here are the new prerequisites for student J1 visa application procedure and required student insurance for the USA.

A student J1 visa is required in case of:

  • Participation in an exchange program,
  • Internship (paid and unpaid)
  • Au pair program,
  • Summer job,
  • Research, assistantship or medical studies

What documents to provide with the application? Is a US insurance required?

Registering in an educational institution or exchange program in the US is required before obtaining the visa.

The State Department has created a website on educational and cultural exchanges, which presents the several types of programs and appropriate means for searching for a sponsoring organization. The Embassy also offers a list of organizations representing J1 programs in France.

You will need to request an interview with the US Consulate and provide:

  • Passport and identity photograph less than 6 months-old.
  • Documents proving the validity of your registration in the program.
  • Certificates of diplomas or qualifications and a description of the study program in the case of an application as part of a training program.
  • Proof of your desire not to settle in the US (documents proving ties in France)
  • A certificate of a USA study insurance.

What USA insurance is required for the J1 Visa ?:

The requirements in terms of insurance were recently amended by the American government. Your sponsor will have to offer you USA study insurance. Any holder of a J1 visa has until mid-May 2015 to subscribe a US student insurance which meet these new criteria (such as AVI International):

  • Medical expenses coverage US $ 100,000 minimum.
  • Medical evacuation US $ 50,000 minimum.
  • Maximum US $ 500 deductible by accident or illness.
  • Repatriation of remains US $ 25,000 minimum.

All USA study insurance offered by AVI International insurance already met all these requirements. A travel insurance certificate is sent by email to you upon subscription of the insurance policy.