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Going on a trip abroad? Before you leave, here are some prevention tips by AVI Travel Insurance. Water, sun, insects, very useful precautions for a trip in full serenity.

Precautions related to water

Water transmits many dangerous diseases. It is therefore imperative to drink only bottled bottled water or treated water while traveling in some countries.

It is therefore essential to:

  • check that the water bottle is well capped, without holes and new, even in a hotel,
  • carry purification tablets recommended by the Institut Pasteur de Paris,
  • filter water through a water pump with filters when traveling in remote areas or without access to drinking water.

In case of emergency, natural disaster or survival, there are other processes for obtaining drinking water, for example:

  • add 4 drops of bleach per liter of water to purify it,
  • boil the water for 1 second or less,
  • leave a plastic water bottle for a day in the sun after filtering it with a sock,
  • dig a hole near a river, pass water through a cloth and put it in a transparent bottle two hours in the sun,
  • place on a leaf a closed plastic bag, the sun will then condense the water in the plastic bag and will recover it,
  • pick bamboo then hit them to recognize those who sound hollow to collect the water,
  • place on grass a cloth to collect morning dew,
  • not to mention collecting cactus water!

Freshwater / seawater

To get fresh water by the sea, we can put sea water in a container and then cover with plastic and place all in the sun to recover evaporated fresh water.


Emergency and special risk survival tips

In case of emergency, we may dig a hole on the bank to collect water filtered by sand.

In case of radiation contamination, it will be necessary to put water in a container and then wait for 48 hours to drink the upper third.

To filter the water of camps, we can place over the toilet on a slope a large container and three floors of different natural filters: stones, gravel, sand and collect water to boil eventualy.


Dehydration risk

Dehydration is very dangerous for children and the elderly. Rehydration salts or solutions recommanded by your GP can be provided for the whole family while traveling.

Last but not least, do not eat food containing or washed with untreated water: ice cube, ice cream, salad, unpeeled fruit, etc.


Sun prevention

The sun rays are filtered by the atmosphere. The ozone layer filters the UVB and UVC, but the solar radiations increase by 4% every 300 meters.

The risks related to sun exposure are:

  • hyperthermia
  • heat stroke
  • insolation
  • dehydration

Hyperthermia occurs during exercise or agitation or during the heat wave. The body can no longer regulate the increasing temperature. People should then be rested in the shade, rehydrated and covered with a wet cloth on their body and then see a doctor. It is necessary to put the unconscious persons in the emergency safety lateral position as per the first aid guidelines

Heat stroke is more likely to happen in a humid atmosphere. The person may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion or inconsistency in speech, discomfort, fainting or convulsions.

Preventive measures are simple:

  • wear a hat with a wide brim and a wet scarf on your neck or wear a cheche or turban, always taking care to keep it wet.
  • wear appropriate sunglasses,
  • wear loose clothing made of "breathable" materials,
  • drink often and in small sips to hydrate regularly,
  • stay in the shade during the hot hours,
  • break up your efforts in stages during high heat.

Mosquitoes and other insect bites prevention tips

Mosquitoes are vectors of many diseases: malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Zika virus, etc.

After visiting a travel doctor who prepare if necessary prescription of a prevention treatment adapted to your destination, it is necessary to take the necessary steps to avoid being bitten while traveling:

Preventive treatment against tropical mosquitoes: it is advisable to put the repulsive balm in the palm of your hand and apply it on your skin at regulaar time lapses as stated on the bottle. Do not hesitate to buy a local repulsive product if yours does not work.

The same treatment exists for clothes: it must be reapplied after every wash of your belongings.

A mosquito net with a fine mesh can be purchased in specialty pharmacies and travel stores.

It is possible to put anti-mosquito incense cones or coils in rooms and camping ground.

It is advisable to avoid rooms with standing stagnant water nearby and to cover your arms and legs at night.

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Happy and safe travels with AVI Travel Insurance

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