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Covid-19 information from your Travel Insurance

insurance assistance guarantees Covid-19 AVI travel inssurance

As we are all aware, the Covid-19 is having many implications in global travel. AVI International informs you in real time about the application of insurance and assistance guarantees in the context of Covid-19.


Updated 20/04/2020

Considering the diversity of travelers' questions and a complex situation evolving fast, we offer below 5 simple answers to the most frequent questions we receive.

We will update this information regularly in the future should it become necessary.

The traveler is sick with the Covid-19 and must receive medical care.

How are his/her medical and transportation expenses covered?

The traveler should contact AVI Assistance. A claim will be opened and his/her medical expenses will be taken care of, including in case of Covid-19 and up to the maximum for medical expenses of his/her insurance policy. The necessity of a repatriation will be evaluated by AVI Assistance.

The contact number of AVI Assistance is available on the traveler's insurance card and AVI Assistance App.

The agent or the sponsoring organization cancels or modifies the trip.

Will the traveler be reimbursed for his/her insurance premium or can he/she change his/her coverage dates?

Yes, the premium can be reimbursed to the traveler if the trip is canceled by the travel agent, once received documentary proof of the cancelation.

In case of trip modification, the traveler can also change his/her coverage dates or destination but it is mandatory to inform AVI of the situation before the date of beginning of coverage with our contact form.

The traveler extends his/her stay abroad.

Will the traveler be able to extend his/her travel insurance coverage?

Yes, the traveler will be able to extend his/her travel insurance and benefit from AVI complete coverage that includes both medical insurance and repatriation assistance.

How can the traveler extend his/her travel insurance policy?

The procedure remains the same as for the initial subscription: once connected to your personal account, the traveler just needs to create a new quote with his/her new dates and validate it by a payment online.

Important: In order to benefit from the full policy coverage, the extension should be performed before the end of coverage from the first policy. Otherwise, a waiting period of 15 days for medical expenses in case of illness will be applied.

The traveler is not sick and travels abroad.

How is he/she covered?

All World Health Organization recommendations must to be followed.

  • If the traveler continues to travel, he/she will be covered for his/her medical expenses abroad until the coverage ending date.
  • If the local authorities refuse the traveler the access to the destination, AVI shall not be liable for any costs incurred by this situation.

Please contact our Service Desk to obtain confirmation of the medical coverage in case of Covid-19 with our contact form.

The traveler is maintained in quarantine at destination and cannot return home on the scheduled date.

Can the traveler expenses for an extension of stay and family compassionate visits be paid for?

The costs for the extension of stay (hotel, meals, etc.) and the compassionate visit of a family member in case of hospitalization will depend on the local authorities and the protocols established in the country of stay. The insured must contact the local authorities for assistance.

We strongly advise the traveler to extend his/her travel insurance coverage, in case he/she stays longer than initially planed.

Feel free to contact AVI International for any additional information concerning your trip abroad or your travel insurance contract.

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