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Elected best tourist destination for its extravagant architecture, artificial islands, luxury hotels and wildest projects, Dubaï embodies the new Arab dream, to be discovered in safety with AVI travel insurance Dubai, Covid coverage included.

Travel information to Dubai - Covid-19 epidemic

The recommendations of the WHO, local authorities and the French government sould be followed. It is important to check general travel advice on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs available on diplomatie.gouv.fr.

Resumption of regular air links to Dubai: Flights from and to UAE airports are once again operating, in compliance with mandatory health measures requested by airlines and airports.

Various airlines have been granted permission to operate flights to and from the United Arab Emirates. Several European destinations are served since June 2020.

What documents are required to stay in Dubai?

Tourists are authorized to enter in Dubaï or transit through Dubai airport under certain conditions.

Given the unstable health situation, visitors who choose to come to the United Arab Emirates for a holiday in Dubai are strongly advised to carry valid travel insurance coverage and benefit from the necessary financial resources.

Indeed, travel insurance coverage as well as a certificate of medical coverage including Covid-19 are required by the Dubai authorities to enter the territory of the emirate of Dubai.

Important : When checking-in for your flight, you must show an insurance certificate in English stating that you are covered in the event of COVID-19.

What are the conditions of access to the territory of the United Arab Emirates?

All travelers to the UAE, regardless of their status (residents, tourists, connecting passengers) must first have a negative PCR test performed for less than 96 hours before the flight. This test must be presented to the airline at the check-in desk of the airline.

For Dubai, an English or Arabic version of the test results may be required by airlines. Children under 12 ar not concerned by this requirement.

Travelers from France can be perform thsi test in any laboratory approved by the French authorities.

Important: A negative PCR test is also required to enter the transit area of Dubai Airport.

Upon arrival in Dubai, airport authorities can re-test any traveler. While awaiting the results, the visitor must remain confined.

Only people who test positive will be subject to a compulsory isolation period.


What are the restrictions when departing from Dubai?

From Monday, January 18, 2021, the conditions for entry into France and Europe changed.

All travelers wishing to go to travel to France, from a country outside the European area, regardless of their nationality, must:

1 / present a negative PCR test dated at least 72 hours before departure on boarding (also applicable to children from 11 years old).

2 / undertake to self-isolate for a period of 7 days upon arrival in France and then to repeat a second PCR test at the end of this period of seven days.

3 / complete the declarations of not having been in contact and not showing symptoms required and downloadable from the website of the Ministry of the Interior Important: in the event of a positive Covid-19 test, the traveler will be forced to extend their stay there, at their own expense, and cover any medical or hospital costs.

Travelers who choose to come to the United Arab Emirates for a short stay in Dubai are therefore strongly advised to take out travel insurance and provide the necessary financial resources, as well as a modifiable plane ticket, in the event a positive result for Covid during the trip.

Note: the Sultanate of Abu Dhabi has reopened its doors to tourists since December 29, 2021 with application of a ten-day isolation quarantine upon their arrival. Saudi Arabia will reopen its borders to tourists on March 31, 2021.

AVI travel insurance accompanies you during your stay in the Emirates

AVI International has created the Routard holiday insurance to accompany visitors during their stay abroad and offer them optimal protection in the event of an illness (like the Covid) or an accident.

AVI's Routard travel insurance provides full medical coverage, offered with and without deductible, including coverage for health and hospital costs in the event of illness, Covid-19 included, or accident (doctor's visitss, hospital, prescription drugs, treatment and additional analysis) during your trip to Dubai.

► The travel insurance certificate mentioning the coverage of medical costs in the event of Covid-19 in Dubai will be sent to you by email as soon as you subscribe. It remains available in the language of your choice from your Insured Area for your visa application.

AVI travel insurance also provides its policyholders with repatriation assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency return home or a medical repatriation, available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

Given the current international health restrictions, repatriation in the event of Covid could not be organized nor covered by AVI assistance.

Luggage insurance (in case of theft or loss of your luggage by your airline) as well as personal liability insurance (in the event of accidental damage caused to a third party) are included in your Routard travel assistance policy.

AVI's +: the AVI International mobile application allows you to find your repatriation assistance certificates, your travel insurance certificates with Covid guarantee and other repatriation assistance documents indicating emergency numbers as soon as you subscribe. to request direct care on a simple call and avoid an advance on medical costs during your trip to the United Arab Emirates.


Visas and travel requirements

For any visit for less than 30 days on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, you will simply need a passport valid at least 6 months after your arrival in Dubai

When you arrive at the airport, the local authorities will issue your tourist visa, a simple stamp on your passport; it will be valid for 30 or 90 days depending on your choice.

Important : Very soon the United Arab Emirates will create a multiple entry visa system for a period of 5 years.


The new Arab dream at its best in the city of all records

Once an arid desert populated by Bedouins and a small fishing port known for its pearls, Dubai is today the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi, the country's federal capital.

Currently experiencing a tourist, economic and real estate boom, it is one of the most dynamic countries on the planet.

Architects, decorators and entrepreneurs from all over the world take part in the most challenging projects in Dubaï: ski resort and racing track in the middle of the desert, restaurants of all styles and cuisine, artificial planet-shaped islands, sky-scrappers and underwater hotels immersed off the coast are some of the unic sites you may discover in Dubaï.

Sunny all year round, it is a popular holiday destination for its fine sandy beaches, its winter sun and its excursions on horseback, camel or 4X4 in its dunes.


What to do during your trip with AVI Dubai travel insurance

1 - Climb the Burj Khalifa tower

It is the tallest tower in the world with its 828 m and 160 floors. From its top, you will have a breathtaking view of Dubaï and the 250 islets representing the planet Earth.

2 - Go shopping at the Dubai Mall

It is the largest shopping center in the world, with more than 1,200 stores, a gigantic aquarium, a multpilex cinema, an ice-skating rink ... enough to entertain you for a couple of hours!

3 - Visit the DubaÏ Museum

It is the main museum of the Duaba ïemirate: all the ancestral traditions of the Dubaiotes presented in the "Al Fahidi Fort", the oldest building in the city.

4 - Discover the Dubai Grand Bur Masjid

It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, built in 1900. Located a few meters from the Dubai Museum, do not miss this magnificent building rich in historical meaning.

5 - Treat yourself to a getaway to the Palm Jumeirah

An incredible artificial archipelago formed of palm-shaped islands. You can visit them by monorail or admire them from a plane, a helicopter or even from the Burj Khalifa tower. You will also have a climpse at Atlantis, the gigantic neighbour hotel complex and its aquatic theme park and monumental architecture.

Your plane ticket and passport in your pocket, get safely on your way to Dubai for an unforgettable discovery with AVI Dubai travel insurance!

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