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Travel Adventures Abroad with AVI Travel Insurance


Want to discover new continents and foreign countries? The FreePackers agency designs Adventures and Excursions programs for travelers seeking adventures abroad. AVI Travel Insurance tells you more.

Adventure trips on 5 continents

In Africa or Asia, America or Oceania, Freepackers tours and adventures are a great way to see the sights of a destination.

During your international trip to the chosen country, you can safely go on a few days trekking in the Thai jungle, scuba diving in the South China Sea or even another sporting activity of your choice.

This will allow you to discover during your stay a country from another angle.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy eco-volunteer excursions to travel off the beaten track and meet local people.

They share their experience of the Adventures program

Adelaide and Anthony have discovered the Outback in Australia through the Freepackers Adventures program.

They tell you about their unique experience in kangaroos country:

"On the program, a week and a half of dirt roads and dust, breathtaking landscapes, temperatures near 40 ° C every day and nights spent under the stars in places with no trace of life. It is very difficult to summarize 10 days of a unique experience during which we had the opportunity to meet the aborigines, the indigenous population of Australia, see the big red rock that is Uluru and bathe in natural water sources at 36 ° C! No, it's not refreshing ... "

Travel and holiday insurance for adventures and excursions on the 5 continents

Whatever the chosen destination, to enjoy your Adventures programme in full piece of mind, we advise you to carry a travel insurance adapted to your destination and the activities practiced during all the stay.

AVI International offers Routard travel and holiday insurance designed for travel and holidays abroad, with an extra coverage for sports and adventure activities.

Do not hesitate to ask us for more details!

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