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Travel without Visa in the USA with the ESTA


Visit the US without Visa with the ESTA

ESTA allows visa-free entry for people traveling for less than 91 days in the US territory. The French nationals arriving by plane can benefit from such visa exemption.

Here is some helpful information if you want to apply.

The conditions for the ESTA:

The purpose of your trip must be tourism, business or simply transit.

Access in the US territory should never have been denied.

Your passport should not be an emergency passport or a temporary passport.

Warning: if it is not the case, your application can result in being turned away upon arrival in the US territory.

How does the ESTA works:

Visit the dedicated website: esta.cbp.dhs.gov/. Answer various questions about your identity, your criminal record, transmittable diseases you may carry.

Pay $ 14 by credit card.

At the end of the process, three messages may be shown:

Authorization granted.

Unauthorized Travel: you will need to process a classic visa application. It is also possible to change some of the questionnaire answers by contacting the ESTA customer service (1-877-227-5511).

Authorization Pending: a response will be given within 72 hours.

Good to know:

Make your request for ESTA at least 72 hours before your flight.

You can send an application for several persons at once by adding, before paying, extra application forms.

Once obtained, an ESTA may be used during two years with the same passport. It must be valid upon arrival.

If your situation has changed (name, marital status, trial), you must submit a new application.

Once out of the aircraft, inform the immigration officer that you own tickets for the rest of your trip. They want to ensure that you will leave the American territory. It is advisable to be in possession of a return ticket. If your final destination is Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or the Caribbean, the officers will ensure that you have a permanent resident status in these countries.

Travel insurance for the US

Medical expenses are very high in the US and it is strongly recommended to be covered by a health and repatriation travel insurance.

Our Routard travel insurance (for travel within 2 months) and Marco Polo long term travel insurance (over two months) allow you to enjoy your trip without stress.