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Where to go and study abroad with AVI Student Insurance?


Discover new cultures, lifestyles and landscapes while studying abroad with AVI International's Planet Studies Insurance plan. But where to go and study abroad next year?

You want to discover a new country, a new culture? An exchange abroad is planned in your university curriculum? Discover 4 student destinations to choose from.

4 student destinationsto discover

AVI International has selected for you 4 great destinations where to travel and study at the other end of the world: Australia, North America or Asia, you just need to pick!


Melbourne is one of Australia's most vibrant cities, with its sunny beaches, modern skyscrapers and trendy party spots. With a high standard of living, the city offers quality universities and student jobs accessible to foreign students. Melbourne is "the place to be" for students in Australia with AVI International's Insurances.

Hong Kong

A total change of scenery guaranteed for ambitious students leaving for their studies is guarenteed in Hong Kong with AVI International's Planet Studies insurances. Hong Kong is an innovative city with different lifestyles and a rewarding culture.

In Hong Kong, housing remains expensive, but life remains very affordable: these conditions are perfect for students wishing to go out for a drink, eat local or discover the country without spending too much. Students or tourists will be conquered by Asian art and their trip to Hong Kong will be a real discovery.


International students, why not live your American dream in Boston, an authentic and traditional city?

Famous for its leading universities such as Harvard and MIT, the spirit and values of Boston make it unique. By traveling to Boston with AVI Studies Insurance, students will also be charmed by its dynamism and extensive cultural life. It is important to note however that the standard of living and tuition fees remain very high.


Canada is one of the new flagship destinations for university exchange and study abroad, to be discovered with AVI International student insurances.

University diversity, English language learning and the human experience are at the heart of the city of Toronto. As Canada's largest city, Toronto is famous for its skyscrapers, shopping districts and typical streets and colored houses - a great way to discover another side of the world. As for entertainment, Toronto offers spectacular scenery to explore, museums to discover, a fantastic lifestyle in new horizons.


Why choose an AVI International student insurance?

Once you have chosen your university and destination, you will need to buy your study abroad insurance, such as AVI International's Student insurances.

Whend you submit your visa applicatio, you will need to include a travel insurance certificate. Your traval insurance should cover medical expenses abroad and includes hospitalization insurance, repatriation assistance or early return home, a baggage insurance in case of theft and personal liability insurance.

From the online subscription of your Planète Études insurance, you will be able to receive your insurance certificate and all your travel insurance documents by e-mail and will find them at any time in your personal space on our website and on the mobile application. AVI International.

In case of doubt concerning the specificities required for your student trip abroad; do not hesitate to consult the page Planet Insurance Studies on our site, and go well insured to enjoy safely your year of study abroad.

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