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Looking for adventure and culture? Abu Dhabi will offer an unforgettable experience. AVI Travel Insurance offers you 6 reasons to visit the city of Abu Dhabi in full peace of mind, Covid coverage included.

Like its sumptuous neighbors, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has nothing to envy of Dubai or Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman, neighboring tourist destinations. Beach and sun, scuba diving, cruising, golf and motor racing are present in the landscape of Abu Dhabi. Its culture is a clever blend of Middle Eastern traditions and extreme modernity, to be discovered and enjoyed during your vacation in the Emirates with your Backpacker insurance for Abu Dhabi!

Travel information to the United Arab Emirates - Covid Coronavirus epidemic

The recommendations of the WHO, local authorities and the French government should be applied. You can consult travel advice on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs presented by country (For french travelers visit diplomatie.gouv.fr.)

As in Dubai, foreign tourists will only be allowed to enter Abu Dhabi under the following conditions:

• Travelers must present a negative Covid-19 PCR test of less than 96 hours or take a test on arrival at the airport. This test must be presented to the airline upon check-in.(For travelers from France, this test can be performed in any laboratory approved by the French authorities)

• Visitors must undergo a quarantine in isolation for 10 days unless they have stayed for 10 days in another emirate.

•Travel insurance as well as a certificate written or translated into English or Arabic confirming health coverage in the event of Covid are required by the authorities to travel to the United Arab Emirates.

• On their arrival at Abu Dhabi airport, all passengers will be systematically re-tested upon arrival at the airport. The fortnight in strict isolation of 10 days is compulsory for all, regardless of the result of the PCR test carried out on arrival at Abu Dhabi airport. An electronic bracelet intended to monitor compliance with the quarantine will be given to each visitor upon arrival in the emirate

• A new PCR test must be carried out on the 6th day of the quarantine: if it turns out to be negative, the traveler will be authorized by the local authorities to have their electronic bracelet removed

• If the traveler stays in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for more than 12 days, a PCR test is also mandatory on the 12th day.

Note: Saudi Arabia will reopen its borders to tourists on March 31, 2021. A negative PCR test is now mandatory for all transit in the international area of Dubai DXB airport. Restrictions on departure from Abu Dhabi Airport When leaving, a negative PCR test valid for less than 72 hours, to be carried out on site, will be required from each passenger over the age of 11 to leave the territory. This test must be presented to the airline upon check-in. In the event of a positive Covid-19 test, the traveler will be forced to extend their stay there, at their own expense, and cover any medical costs required. It therefore remains more than ever recommended to choose insurance covering expenses in the event of infection by Covid before any stay in Abu Dhabi. Your Abu Dhabi travel insurance by AVI International If visiting the United Arab Emirates is one of the stages in the program of your stay in the Middle East or during your world tour, it will be important for you to prepare yourself well beforehand. Indeed, the preparation before a round-the-world trip goes through various stages such as the choice of equipment, the itinerary, the administrative formalities without forgetting everything concerning prevention, safety and health when traveling.

AVI's Backpacker travel insurance provides comprehensive guarantees (covid-19 coverage included)

With or without deductible, covers health and hospitalization cover in the event of illness, including in the event of infection by covid-19 or accident. (Consultations with a doctor, hospital, prescription drugs, additional care and exams) during your entire trip abroad.

As soon as you subscribe, you will receive your travel insurance certificate by email mentioning the coverage of medical costs in the event of illness or accident in Abu Dhabi (including Covid-19) with your travel insurance documents. This insurance certificate is then available on your AVI Account in english, spanish and french.

Abu Dhabi is a modern and safe city, but no one is safe from an "unfortunate event" such as the theft or loss of luggage by the airline, health concerns abroad, illness or accident or even material damage in the context of private life liability. It is therefore essential to choose a suitable travel insurance contract to fully enjoy your weekend in the Emirates thanks to the protection of Abu Dhabi travel insurance from AVI International.

Good to know ! French nationals are exempt from visa, a stamp affixed to the passport on arrival at Abu Dhabi airport will allow a stay of up to 90 days, in one or more times, over a period of 180 days from the date of date stamp. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months on the date of entry into UAE territory. Note: the United Arab Emirates will soon offer a multiple entry visa system valid for a period of 5 years.

What to visit in Abu Dhabi during your UAE stay?

Its mosque

The largest in the Emirates and the 9th largest in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an architectural marvel. The building is made of white marble and its chandeliers are gold plated; it can accommodate up to 40,000 faithful. Its hand-woven rug is the largest in the world!

Its shopping centers

The most important are the Marina Mall, the Abu Dhabi Mall and the Al Wahda Mall. These shopping centers are very popular with the local population as well as by tourists curious about these very attractive and entertaining places to live.

Its skyscrapers

5 ultramodern buildings rise above the city, these are the Etihad Towers. This residential complex is the perfect demonstration of the luxury and modernity of Abu Dhabi, the residents of these apartments are mainly wealthy businessmen or famous personalities.

Its theme parks

Located on the man-made island of Yas, the Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi are the main places of entertainment. As a family or as a couple, on vacation or as a stop-over, you can easily enjoy the many attractions offered by these two parks. The island also hosts the Formula 1 automobile Grand Prix every fall on the Marina circuit.

Its oasis

A break from the busy city center, the oasis of Abu Dhabi offers visitors a green garden in a more traditional setting. Indeed, the cultural village of Al Ain, located a few kilometers away, is home to a 3,000 year old plant ecosystem. This haven of peace in the heart of the desert will allow travelers to fully recharge their batteries during an excursion before continuing their adventure around the world.

Its museums

From archaeological and historical sites to classic museums like the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Zayed National Museum or the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, culture is always at the rendezvous in Abu Dhabi.


Your Special Covid travel insurance certificate and your passport in your pocket, on your way to a safe adventure in Abu Dhabi with AVI: the guarantee of a serene stay. The AVI International travel insurance team

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