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Choosing your volunteering program with AVI travel insurance


Over the past few years, eco-volunteerism has grown significantly, its goal is to travel and discover a country while helping its people and / or preserving its environment. AVI travel insurance tells you more ...

... to better accompany you in your projects of international volunteering.

Types of Volunteering options by AVI Travel Insurance

Travelers who wish to volunteer can choose to volunteer as a freelance volunteer or travel through a volunteering travel agency.

The freelance volunteer must organize his volunteer project himself including all logisitcs details. He must contact professional associations and volunteers in the country where he wishes to work.

It is also up to him to find accommodation and organize his stay abroad. This preparation is an effective way to build a tailor-made trip of discoveries and eco-volunteering.

AVI travel insurance would recommand this type of organization only to the most experienced travelers, with a good knowledge of the country as well as an previous experience in volunteering.

It is also possible to travel through an organization that will organize all your stay abroad. The agency plans the volunteer project or the mission of volunteering abroad, manages the accommodation, the meals and the organization of transport to the place of the program.

If you prefer to be supervised during your voluntary project, AVI travel insurance advises you to use organizations such as Freepackers, an agency created in 2010 and specializing in international volunteering, internships in NGOs and trainings abroad.

Whatever the type of volunteering chosen or the country of destination, it is preferable to opt for long-term projects that include actions and perennial local consequences, rather than short-lived projects.

The costs of a volunteer project

When the volunteer travels through an agency, management and organizational fees will be charged in addition to the on-site operating costs. This financial part must be taken into account in your project and may correspond to the purchase of building materials, school supplies, medicines and feed, etc.

If you have been an employee of a company for at least one year, you can leave for up to six months as part of a International Solidarity Leave for an international solidarity volunteer mission. Why not talk to your employer about your project?

The AVI Ethnic Travel Grant

AVI organizes since 2011 each year the AVI ethnic travel grant. It provides financial assistance to three projects of international solidarity abroad and offers to highlight the 3 winning projects on AVI network as well as during the Ethnic Travel Evening. Do not hesitate to send us your projects before the 1st of may 2018!

The impact of volunteering actions

Before going on a volunteer mission, it will be important to ensure that the project you are about to engage in will have an impact on local populations and environment of the country you have chosen. To do this, the agent must be serious and assess the needs on the premises beforehand, analyzing the actions and missions to be undertaken and involve local people in development projects.

Finally, it is important to be informed of the progress of the project and the results once the mission has been completed.

Choosing a volunteering project that matches your needs

Before engaging in a volunteering program abroad, it is essential to find a strong interest in the project. It is therefore essential to choose a cause that touches you, close to your heart. It will also be necessary to engage in a project corresponding to your physical and mental levels since some tasks may prove difficult.

Finally, before going on a volunteering mission, it is better to get informed about the country of destination, its culture, its politics, its history, its climate. This prior information will enable a smoother integration as a volunteer and discovery of the country.

Go on a volunteering program with AVI Marco Polo travel insurance

AVI International Marco Polo travel insurance was designed in partnership with the Guide du Routard.

This long-term travel insurance has been specially designed for people traveling as volunteers or as part of a volunteer mission abroad. AVI Marco Polo travel insurance has been supporting volunteer projects and missions abroad for many years.

It will cover you for your medical expenses abroad and includes repatriation and travel assistance. If your mission includes manual labour, the Sports and Leisures option will also cover you in case of an accident during these activities.

Very flexible, Marco Polo travel insurance can also be extended while abroad if you decide to extend your volunteering mission.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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