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Travel volunteering with AVI International travel insurance


Looking to combine travel and solidarity? Why not try the "volontourism" on your next trip abroad? AVI International tells you more.

Going on an international volunteer mission

Volunteering abroad is a unique opportunity to engage in development projects with international NGOs. These programs allow volunteers to work with local professionals in health centers, schools, construction sites or animal shelters.

Traveling as a volunteer is a form of alternative travel or ethnic travel that will allow you to leave a positive impact locally and learn lots of things during your trip.

Testimony volunteering in South Africa

Nawel left with the FreePackers agency for an international volunteer mission in South Africa in September 2014. She worked as a volunteer in an animal shelter near Johannesburg.

She shares her experience about her adventure in this animal shelter in South Africa.

"This experience has brought me maturity and an awareness of the society we live in. Cultural differences, the diversity of animals and landscapes can only enrich us, and I have met wonderful people from all over the world. I was also able to discover new activities in addition to the work for the animal reserve.

I made an excellent friend, Charlotte. I could have special contacts with the animals there and learnt a lot about them. I discovered a bit of culture from South Africa and will certainly renew this experience with FreePackers on another destination. "

Read the full story of Nawel on:

Financing your international volunteer mission

Whatever your age, you can apply for the AVI International ethnic grant if you live in France, Belgium or Switzerland.

Organized every spring since 2011 in partnership with Culture-Aventure, the AVI ethnic travel grant rewards 3 solidarity trips around the world.

A reward of € 1,000 and full travelinsurance coverage for the winners, as well as a highlighting of the project during the Ethnic travel evening and on the networks of AVI International and its partner Culture- Adventure.

To be selected, an ethnic travel project must include international solidarity elements and involve an effective exchange between the participants and the populations of different cultures or countries.

This exchange can be material, cultural, scientific, spiritual, pedagogical or social.

Presentation file and summary sheet are to be sent to AVI by e-mail before May 1, 2018 at midnight.

All information applications and the presentation of the previous winners are available on our AVI ethnic travel grant page.

Discover also our video presentation of AVI ethnic grant on:

The sabbatical leave, a profitable break in a professional career

A voluntary or volunteer project of solidarity abroad? Why not talk to your employer and take a sabbatical leave to go on an international volunteering mission!

Indeed, in France, an employee may choose to interrupt his or her career on a sabbatical, which can last between 6 and 11 months.

Your employment contract is then suspended, you are not paid, but you will find your job on your return from sabbatical leave.

To be able to apply, you must have a minimum of 36 months in the company and 6 years of professional activity behind you.

Long-Term Travel Insurance by AVI International

As part of your volunteering mission, long-term travel insurance is essential, since the majority of bank cards will not cover more than 90 days of travel abroad.

AVI International offers long-term travel insurance Marco Polo, created for people staying more than 2 months abroad, especially on volunteer missions abroad.

AVI also offers its insured AVI Assistance mobile application, which can turn very useful in case of emergency : you have direct access to all travel insurance documents and contacts, even when off-line.

Why not take advantage and download AVI app before leaving?

Do not hesitate to inquire about our travel insurance and assistance offers!

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