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Tetra Trip: travel for all with AVI travel insurance


Nath and Karen are bound by an extraordinary friendship, one is in a wheelchair, the other accompanies her for special adventures. Together they can lift mountains and meet unforgettable challenges! AVI International Travel Insurance accompanies their Tetra Trip on a journey around the Pacific for unique discoveries in Oceania.

The Tetra Trip Duo

Tetra Trip is first of all Nath, 30, who became quadriplegic at the age of 23 following a road accident.

After more than a year rehabilitation, it was necessary to accept the new conditions and approach the future with a new body. Today, Nath is always thirsty for adventure, challenge, and travel! Her own way of feeling alive and refreshing her mind!

Tetra Trip is also Karen, 29 years old. She knows everything about Nath, her body, her weaknesses, her limits, she adapts according to her physical and psychological state.

Since the accident, they have shared many experiences together. In short, they became strong travel partners!

Tetra Trip, an association for accessible travel for all with AVI Travel Insurance

A journey is a permanent, logistic and human challenge. The Tetra Trip association was created with the aim of allowing persons with reduced mobility (PRM) to travel under the same conditions as valid travelers.

Through their travels, Nath and Karen wish to decide people in wheelchairs to travel without limitating themselves and dare the round-the-world adventure.

To do this, they will share their experience via their social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and their blog in order to inform and reach the PRM community.

Ultimately, the aim is to create a travel guide and travel insurance extension dedicated to PRM: an invitation to travel around the world for everyone!

By sharing their experiences, both positive and negative, Nath and Karen want to allow persons with reduced mobility to embark on adventures and to go on long journeys, even around the world.

AVI International travel insurance and Tetra Trip around the Pacific

The departure time is planned for Tuesday, October 17, Nath and Karen leave for more than 7 months around the Pacific.

For 8 months, they will travel across Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand and French Polynesia. An extraordinary trip never far from water and incredible landscapes, accompanied by AVI International long term travel insurance.

AVI International travel insurance, comprehensive coverage for each person and every trip.

AVI Marco Polo worldwide Travel Insurance will accompany Karen and Nath from Tetra Trip during their 8-month adventure around the Pacific and will provide them with 24-hour repatriation assistance throughout their stay.

Nath and Karen will be able to travel in full peace of mind end get their fill with unforgettable discoveries and adventures!

We wish them an excellent journey!

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