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Where to celebrate the 2018 Chinese New Year by AVI

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According to the Chinese horoscope and lunar calendar, the Year of the Earth Dog will begin on Friday, February 16, 2018. Where are the best destinations to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2018? AVI Insurance Holidays has selected 5 destinations around the world to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Where to celebrate the Chinese New Year? By AVI holiday insurance

  1. Beijing
  2. Singapore
  3. London
  4. New York
  5. Hanoi

The Chinese New Year tradition

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is rooted in cultures and regions of Asia. With family and friends, the arrival of the New Year with many festivities and customs: distribution of new year gifts to the youngest in red envelopes, lively parades and dragon dance not to mention the fireworks and firecrackers intended to hunt the evil spirits of the new year.

Based on the lunar calendar and the Chinese horoscope, the Chinese New Year is celebrated during the second new moon since the winter solstice. For this holiday, we associate an animal with an element: after the Year of the Pig, the year 2018 will be that of the Dog of Earth.

The Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival (agricultural festival) in China and or Tet holiday in Vietnam. The festivities last 15 days, from the new moon to the first full moon, and end with the traditional Lantern Festival.

The gastronomy of a thousand flavors

During this time of year, each dish has its meaning. Indeed, the tradition is that we eat fish, a sign of profusion, noodles, synonymous with longevity and also bamboo, whose green color represents youth.

The New Year's meal ends with New Year cake and rice bean cake , a source of luck and prosperity.

The Chinese New Year meal must be rich in order to bring health and wealth to each family member for the coming year.

Where travel to celebrate Chinese New Year? By AVI holiday insurance

To discover the best of the Chinese New Year festivities, AVI International holiday insurance has selected 6 destinations to go on a trip and soak up the Asian culture.

You will live an incredible experience on the other side of the world.


The city of Beijing is one of the liveliest during the Chinese New Year. Fireworks and firecrackers announce the festivities in all the streets. By joining the crowd, you will be immersed in the heart of Chinese culture. It is also recommended to visit the temples where locals burn incense for their offerings. A party where emotion, joy, and exceptional decorations will be at the rendezvous and the red lanterns are to ward off evil spirits.


Destination Chinatown area in Singapore, you will be dazzled by the illuminations at the four corners of the streets and the many street entertainment organized to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The grand parade of "Chingay" announces the arrival of spring, between dancers, musicians, acrobats and dragons, breathtaking show is guaranteed! You can also bring lucky charms and decorations from Singapore to commemorate your trip.


London is one of the capitals out of Asia where the Chinese New Year is best celebrated. Many Londoners gather in Soho, London's Chinatown, to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Earth Dog this year. Between parades, dances, fireworks and entertainment stands, Asian culture takes hold of the city for unforgettable festivities.

New York

In the United States, we celebrate the year of the Dog by organizing a huge parade in the heart of Manhattan in Chinatown. On vacation in New York? The AVI International holiday insurance advises you not to miss this Chinese New Year, New Year parade.
Unmatched, like the city of New York, the Chinese New Year parade will offer you a magnificent show in the colors of Asia. Also visit Sarah D. Roosevelt Park where fireworks will be fired to welcome the New Year.


In Vietnam, Tet is celebrated for the lunar new year. Vietnamese party is for three days and people decorate their homes with votive objects on this occasion. Parades are organized in the streets of the city center, and the famous banh chung is made and tasted on this occasion.

In the pagodas of the city, everyone comes to burn sticks of incense and to deposit offerings. Têt celebration in Hanoi is undoubtedly a lively festival, culminating with the fireworks at midnight on the banks of the Petit Lac or Lac Hoan Kiem to welcome the new year with joy.

The best globe-trotter Travel Insurance to Celebrate Chinese New Year

AVI International has created the Routard holiday insurance for trips and vacations around the world.

The AVI International Globe-trotter Travel Insurance covers medical expenses up to € 300,000 and offers 24-hour repatriation assistance in the event of a problem while on vacation abroad.

So celebrating Chinese New Year safely is simple with AVI International's Backpacker Vacation Insurance.

The AVI Travel Insurance Team


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